Picking up the pieces

It was a constant battle trying to figure out what in the world happened in my life to make me so messed up.

I’m a stranger to myself.

I have no clue what made me so miserable that I felt the need to drown my sorrows in a bottle of vodka.

What was I escaping from?

Who am I?

The closest explanation I can associate with my behavior is that people didn’t like me.

I was fat.

I was ugly.

I was unlovable.

All of these reinforced with the hell like scramble of years that I was too damn messed up to remember most of.

I was raped.

I was beaten.

I was ridiculed, broken down and alone.

TODAY for the first time in my life, I understand who I am.

I’m 26 years old and until today I’ve been navigating mindlessly in search of my so called “identity”.

For whatever reason I believed that by figuring out who the hell I was, everything would just suddenly be okay.

I wouldn’t have to pretend anymore.

My life to this point has been somewhat of a facade.

I’ve lived every second of my being striving to be accepted.

I wasn’t just lying to everyone around me, I was trying to fool myself as well.

Indeed, all of these years I’ve been trying to trick myself into believing that I’m actually a cool person.

Even my greatest attempts at being likeable weren’t enough to make me truly love myself.

I couldn’t sell myself.

I’d created a belief that I was worthless and from that point on my belief LITERALLY clouded the lenses on my eyes.

In the greater scheme of things all of these factors were surface level.

Sure, they were enough to justify to some therapist a reason on paper of why I wanted to escape.

But all of that was masking the bigger picture, unknown to me until I decided to rewind and figure out THE ROOT of this huge mess.

People don’t just hate you for the hell of it.

Maybe I wasn’t unlovable.

Maybe one “event” wired my brain into believing I was unlovable.

Think about it; if you have a firm BELIEF then there isn’t a single thing anyone can say or do to change that belief. Period.

I never realized how powerful my own beliefs truly are.

I don’t know if training my brain to love myself was the only dose of medicine I ever really needed.

Is self worth really so vital?

That is can cause a lifetime of hurricanes when absent?

Think about it.

All any of us genuinely have control of is ourselves.

We can’t stop people from hurting us but we can numb the pain of being hurt.

And in this world of billions of people how many of them do you think have been hurt?

We can’t erase the hurt.

Our erratic behaviors are nothing but coping mechanisms…things we can control.

And as we grow we only continue realizing how much of this crazy life is NOT in our control; in turn igniting such behaviors.

As someone who took advantage of a very broad spectrum of the WRONG ways to be in control, I’m writing this for my own clarity.

I know I’m not alone in this search for answers which is why I’d like to share my story.

I’m not your average preacher.

If you feel like you have exhausted all your options and have nowhere else to turn in regards to some aspect of your life, this story might be that saving grace to lead you from the dark.

Nothing is more raw than a lesson from someone who has walked that path, somehow managing to reset into a beautiful life- foreign to its counterpart.


8 thoughts on “Picking up the pieces

    • There are more than .. actually there are many things in your post that I’d love to share my opinion about! Well, I’d love to discuss every single detail, for example, I noticed that you said “we can’t stop others from harming us”.. I believe that we can – we must // all the times.. and at anytime someone tries to hurt us. It’s just the way we chose how to stop someone from hurting us. I’d like to put i this way: if I try to find out a percentage… – like – most (something like 99.99 ? of others attempts to hurt us are usually in the form of talking, I know that it’s very hard to do this, but what if I just ignore? I think that’s the most powerful message to someone who’s bugging us; It’s not my problem that this person is (..) in the head, and it’s not my duty or responsibility to fix her or his brain. Looking again at the article,, Waw! I mean I think that I can (theoretically speaking) start a new website and a blog just covering the subjects mentioned in your post 🙂

      take care..


  1. Looking at your website, the layout, text (font – size) and the selection of images, i can see that you’re great with looking at and reflecting contrast in your design and words, and also finding a way to join it all together (finding seamless..),, hmm, . You’re good in telling a story, and this is basically the key behind branding..

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