Dear friend I lost to addiction

Losing a loved one to drugs or alcohol isn’t an easy thing to go through.

It’s a different type of loss.

When someone dies there is a sense of finality.

When someone loses their life to addiction it’s emotional war for those caught in the crosshairs.

You guys, this opioid epidemic is seriously getting out of hand!

I remember just YEARS ago thinking heroin was like THE WORST drug of all drugs and nobody EVEN I knew would ever do it!

Let’s all just laugh at my old self together right now.

This sad reality came up and punched me in the face one morning when I got the news that my best friend was a suddenly a heroin addict.

It’s been a long, difficult road since then.

A little over a year into it I’ve finally realized I’m not in the drivers seat of this car.

This friendship has been running “one- way” for too long.

The WordPress word of the day today is “Haul”.

For my entry, I’d like to write a letter to my ex best friend as we transition into this finality in our friendship.

When I think of the word “haul” the first thing that comes to mind is “abundance”.

You move stuff; you haul LOTS of stuff.

My display of the word “haul” is by “freeing myself” from her burdens that I’d been hauling.

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Dear friend I lost to addiction,

I’m sorry.

Sorry that the awesome times we had together came to a screeching halt.

It makes me sad

That you never got to enjoy this beautiful life to it’s full potential.

I hate admitting

That the pure horror of this past year is slowly tainting the greatness of the ten before.

I thought I’d be enough.

To save the lost 13 year old I first met who gave up on looking for their place in this world.

You’re beautiful.

And you always have been.

The world lost a great person.

I lost my best friend.

There are days it still kills me.

Days my mind still tricks itself into believing I can fix you…

I didn’t just leave.

I will always love you but I can’t watch you kill yourself.

I bleed the pain that you’re numbing.

I hope that someday you will understand.

I still pray for you.

Find the Lord, He’s been looking for you.

You are in control of how this story ends.

A couple days of hell are worth a lifetime of happiness.

Goodbye for now.

I’m rooting for you❤️#Addiction #Inspiration #Haul #HeroinEpidemic #Loss #Friendship #Goodbye #Life #Inspire #Praying #LettingGo #Recovery

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