The songs we sing ourselves

For me,

Songs are pieces of advice.

Invaluable wisdoms being shared.

The rhythmic displays of art typically offer the listener some kind of a message.

Let’s all take a second to individually address the songs we sing ourselves on a daily basis.

  • What type of song do you find yourself singing most often?
  • Are you a “glass half full” or a “glass half empty” type of person?
  • How do you handle adversity?
  • Where does “self love” rank in your values?
  • Do you spend a lot of time beating yourself down? Worrying? Living in regret?

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The purpose of this personal “inventory” taking is not to fault you for your wrongs.

By stepping back and assessing our “wins” and our “losses” , we learn to give ourselves what’s necessary to keep us running smoothly.

My song this morning,

Today is another day filled with things simply out of my control.

I will choose to sing myself loving songs of encouragement as needed.

Songs filled with everything I need in the present moment to work with myself instead of against myself.

By committing to singing myself the proper songs everyday and as needed,

I will begin realizing that I do in fact, have an ally,

and that person is myself.


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