Life has a dangerous way of making us come alive.

My entire life (and sanity) came out from beneath me in a matter of a moment.

In one seconds change, I learned that marriage doesn’t last forever.

I learned that people are not always what they say they are.

I learned that I am capable of a hell of a lot more than I give myself credit for.

The day I died was the day I began to bloom.

Sometimes life is on a completely different page than we are.

Ready or not, life is waiting to “keep things interesting”.

I was a stay at home mom who loved making the most of every day with her kids.

A wife who kept the house clean and food prepared.

Then one day I had my identity stripped from me when my entire life fell apart.

One moment I was married, the next I had the person I called my husband doing everything in his power to make life impossible for me.

I was threatened then rushed out of the house in days.

I got a job in a week and a half.

Food stamps were keeping food on the table while my in laws were consuming all of their time making sure we had nothing to eat.

My ex- mother in law went as far as “charging” her son $650/month for childcare of her grandchildren to ensure we got absolutely no money to live off… she is a multi-millionaire.

Some of the people I trusted most turned so cold they legit froze me.

A big relationship change, a move, a new job, new legal responsibilities, new enemies.

What is this life…?

Where am I headed?

I didn’t know it at the time but the death of my old life was the seed for my new one.

With so many uncertainties I couldn’t say I had high hopes.

I’d been locked in a house for years under surveillance and now I was free in a world where I felt trapped.

The first step to finding my feet again was starting to water my seed.

I’d been surviving for so long trying to keep everyone else happy and it was all for nothing.

The process started with determining what things make me happy.

I started taking out all of this negative energy in the gym.

Killing it at work made for a nice distraction and I quickly made my name known in my new company.

I slowly, and frustratingly, navigated through the legal papers and with time even started getting the hang of it.

It took a little time and a lot of hard work but things were starting to look up.

The little things have been the best.

I’m finally living my life on my terms and it feels freaking amazing.

I’ve been hyperactively trimming negativity from my life and thriving in the things that make me happy.

I’m learning to not say sorry for everything.

My life is far from figured out but I can now say with confidence that I’m beginning to bloom.

You see, you aren’t dying my friend.

Your life is just beginning.

Take the nasty that the world throws at you and silence it with your successes.

When life gets hard, remember your rainbow is on the way.

Don’t build your identity behind another person or you will never be happy.

Remove negative people from your life and reel in the peace.

And most importantly, don’t ever feel stuck.

Your new life is just one shit storm away.

Be you, do you, and bloom. ❤️